Getting Everything You Can, Out Of All You Got.

Guerrilla Marketing is marketing intended to get maximum results from minimal resources. Sometimes traditional, sometimes unconventional, but all of it result driven. A landmark series of books in 41 languages, Guerrilla Marketing has become a marketing force for one simple reason: it works like no other marketing; to maximize your profits by providing a reliable on-going stream of pre-qualified customers.

Small and large businesses alike have applied the principles of Guerrilla Marketing because of their simplicity, common sense, and record of being proven in action. It’s well known that one of the main reasons that businesses fail is lack of marketing insight. Guerrilla Marketing provides that insight. It gets you focused on the real priorities, and keeps you focused by building systems that help do your marketing for you.

With 14 million copies of Guerrilla Marketing books sold worldwide, and the many university MBA programs offering Guerrilla Marketing. Guerrilla Marketing is simply the most well recognized marketing brand in history.

Founding Principles of Guerrilla Marketing Include:

• Guerrilla Marketing is specifically geared for the small business and entrepreneur.

• It should be based on customer insight, not just judgment and guesswork.

• Instead of money, the primary investments of marketing should be time, energy, and imagination.

• The primary statistic to measure your business is the amount of profits, not sales.

• The marketer should also concentrate on how many new relationships are made each month.

• Create a standard of excellence with an acute focus and attention to detail

• Instead of concentrating on getting new customers, aim for more referrals, more transactions with existing customers, and larger overall transactions.

• Forget about the competition and concentrate more on cooperating with other businesses.

• Guerrilla Marketers should always use a combination of marketing methods for a campaign.

• Use technology as a tool to empower your business. 

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